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Baltimore Jewish Abilities Alliance (BJAA)

Jewishabilities.org features information and resources on everything from advocating for a child with a learning disability to navigating the transition to adulthood. JAA’s content is a “how to” resource, developed by a team of skilled disability-service providers in the Baltimore Jewish community. Information on early identification, behavior management, special education, health services, financial resources and benefits, housing, legal resources, transportation and so much more make JAA a unique one-stop-shop for families. The resource directory, an added bonus, is comprehensive and easy to navigate, providing quick access to local services, with the ability to filter by age and service-type.


Gesher LaTorah

The Macks Center for Jewish Education (CJE) offers special education Hebrew school for students with significant special needs, ages of four to 21.
410-735-5000 | cjebaltimore.org



Advocates for the rights and needs of the Jewish deaf and deaf blind communities by offering interpreters for events in Jewish Baltimore, in addition to holding an annual deaf blind Shabbaton.
410-735-5000 | cjebaltimore.org


Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore

Provides social, recreational and vocational programming for youth, teens and adults with a variety of developmental disabilities. An online resource for families in need of support is also available.
410-559-3576 | jcc.org


Jewish Community Services

Provides a wide array of services for people with developmental disabilities and their families including counseling, advocacy and case management services, assistance with independent living skills, tutoring, psychological testing, social skills groups, vocational services, help in locating and obtaining special equipment, consultation and counseling related to child development and/or parenting skills and residential programs for adults.
410-466-9200 | jcsbaltimore.org



Provides free educational advocacy services within the public school system for Jewish children with special needs, from birth to age 21 and works with parents to prepare for IFSP and IEP meetings including accompanying them to these meetings.
410-735-5012 | mdsnap@cjebaltimore.org | cjebaltimore.org



Provides, on a community-wide basis, the educational support necessary for Jewish children with learning differences to reach their full intellectual, academic, emotional and social potential in a Jewish day school setting. Individual and group services are offered to each school in accordance with the school’s educational and religious policies.
410-843-7524 | info@shemeshbaltimore.org | shemeshbaltimore.org



The Macks Center for Jewish Education (CJE) offers subsidized testing for children with special needs to help determine the best care possible.
410-735-5012 | mdsnap@cjebaltimore.org

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