Meet Steve Dubin

For Steve Dubin, chairing the Maryland Israel Development Center (MIDC) brings with it a special satisfaction.

“When you are trying to do anything to contribute to society, that's always great. In this case I am not just helping, but I am helping Israel,” he says. “I want Israel to be successful, and this is a hands-on way to do that, using my particular set of expertise.”

The MIDC promotes trade relations between Maryland and Israel, helping local firms find a market in the Jewish state and encouraging Israeli companies to gain a foothold here. It's a perfect fit for Dubin's skill set. A Principal in SDA Ventures LLC, a firm focused on assisting emerging growth and middle-market companies, he has a track record of success in business, especially in the health, wellness and nutritional products markets.

He first got involved with the MIDC in the mid-2000s, while serving as CEO of Martek Biosciences. His activities with the group dovetail nicely with his other professional roles, which include chairing the Israel-based company Enzymotec.

“I am a big believer in economic development, in creating jobs and helping people in that way,” he says. “MIDC helps the Israeli economy, it helps Maryland job creation, and it also gives me a really cool window on all these new companies coming out of Israel. Being an entrepreneurial person, I love seeing all cutting-edge work that's going on there.”

He said that the work of the MIDC can be critical in helping Israeli firms find their way in an exceptionally complex economic environment. “The United States is a huge market, and while Israeli companies may have great technology, they don't always know how to enter this market. We can help them find locations, help them get government grants, even do customer acquisition.”

This can be a boon to Maryland as well, bringing new jobs and new economic activity. Dubin recently traveled to Israel with Gov. Larry Hogan to explore those possibilities.

“The fact that the governor was there was important to people. They appreciated his interest,” he says. “We had a dinner at the American ambassador's residence that attracted a lot of interest among Israeli companies. It really put a good brand out there for Maryland, to show that we are an attractive place for Israeli companies to be.”

That kind of branding can have direct, human outcomes. “In its purest form, this is all about job creation. All this activity creates jobs in Maryland. It promotes trade and economic activity, and I'm proud to be a part of that effort.”

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