Meet the Schorrs

Former New York residents Yanky and Naami Schorr were surprised about the community they found here in Baltimore when they relocated this year.

Inspired by people they met, Yanky, who works in construction management, and Naami – a "super Mom," says Yanky – decided to jump right into the community with the help of IMPACT.

Yanky & Naami were drawn to IMPACT’s "warm, welcoming and fun" community. Sitting around a table full of young leaders, the couple was excited by the thoughtfulness and generosity surrounding them. "Each individual brings so much to the table," explains Yanky. "People are so humble in understanding that tikkun olam starts with unity."

Becoming involved isn't a new venture for these parents of two. "We have always been passionate about being involved in Jewish communal work," adds Yanky. "We consider it to be of utmost importance for every Jewish household."

Most of all, Yanky & Naami recognize and appreciate how far their gift can go with The Associated. "We are blessed as lay people that we don't have to be experts in social work or elder care to make a difference in those recipients' lives," Yanky says. "Through The Associated, we are able to make our gift count in ways many people only dream of."

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