The Pollokoffs

Amy and Bob Pollokoff admit that their lives center around their family.

It’s why they take on Passover Seder each year – often having 55 people at their table – and are in charge of the multi-generational Rosh Hashanah dinner.

In fact, family is so important to them that when Amy’s mother died this year, she discovered something unexpected. Something that would ultimately become a link that would tie the generations together.

Amy: These past few years have been extremely difficult for us. We’ve lost all four parents. When my mother died, I discovered something that really connected me to her in a way I never anticipated.

I remember going through her things and I found this pin that had a flame. And all at once it dawned on me – she was a Lion.

Now I knew that she was always very involved in The Associated – she helped start the women’s division. But I didn’t realize that she was a Lion and also had endowed her gift.

It was then that I knew in my heart that I wanted to do something special, something to honor my mother and set an example for my two children, Heidi and Alexa. And I realized this is the year. I couldn’t think of a more meaningful and impactful way to honor her memory than to endow my Lion gift.

And this endowment to The Associated became our endowment, Bob’s and mine.

Bob: There are so many organizations to give to, yet many of them only represent one cause. While they are all noble causes, by endowing our gift to The Associated we know that they will be able to address a wide range of important issues in our community … that we will continue to take care of those who need it for a long time.

At the same time, we’ve been fortunate enough to create a donor-advised fund through The Associated and share some of our blessings with the community right now.

Amy Pollokoff is the Chair of LOJE25, an initiative to secure Lion of Judah endowments for The Associated.

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