Meet Ethan Kaplan

“I could never have made it through lower school without SHEMESH.”

Elementary school was very challenging for me. I couldn’t handle being in the classroom and I often ended up in the principal’s office. It wasn’t because of behavioral issues; it was just because I needed to take a lot of breaks. I learned differently from the other kids and I wasn’t able to keep up with anything that was being taught.

That’s why I started going to SHEMESH. Every day, from the time I was in third grade to the time I was in fifth grade, I was excused from my regular classroom for about an hour to go to the SHEMESH office. The teachers there – Mrs. Kimmelfeld, Mrs. Ambinder, Mrs. Carmel and Mrs. Friedman – understood how I learned and knew how to teach me. After a while, my reading, writing and spelling started to improve.

I found out that it was easier for me to write about topics that interested me instead of the topics my teachers assigned. I wrote a lot about my grandfather. I missed him since he had passed away. My teachers at SHEMESH also helped me with my Hebrew. I wasn’t picking up any of the words that were taught in my regular classroom, but with the help of my SHEMESH teachers, my Hebrew vocabulary went from about 25 words to about 300!

At SHEMESH, they understood that I needed to stand up and move around sometimes. They were sensitive to my needs and they made me feel that I could be a successful student. I knew I could be myself there.

If someone asked me if he should try SHEMESH I would definitely tell him to do it. At first you might not want to go, but soon you’ll realize how much you’re learning. Later in life, you’ll say, “I’m so glad I did that!”

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