Meet Jordan and Jacob

“A big part of Judaism is community – and that the JCC, you are part of that community.”

Our mothers tell us we met when we were two – in the JCC’s Mommy and Me class – although we have to admit we can’t remember that far back. What we do know is that the JCC has been a part of our lives ever since – and one of the reasons we’re still best friends.

Jordan: When we were younger, we went to the same lower and middle school. We also played in the JCC basketball league from second through fourth grade. In fact, we loved basketball so much, that when we were old enough to try out for the Maccabi basketball team, we decided to do so. I have to admit I was nervous about making the team – it was probably one of the most competitive tryouts I’ve ever been a part of.

Jacob: I thought I had no shot of making Maccabi. When the call came from the coach telling me I made Baltimore’s team, I was so relieved. I had heard for years how much fun Maccabi was and I was so excited to be part of the program. I immediately called Jordan and was really glad he made the team too. Maccabi was just an amazing experience. I’ll never forget going to Denver my first year and attending the opening ceremonies. It was like the Olympics. Our team had such Baltimore pride. We were the most spirited delegation.

Jordan: Some of the best times I’ve had were playing Maccabi. I loved the kids on my teams. We still keep in touch today.

Jacob: Over the years, I made so many connections through Maccabi. I liked the experience so much I later became part of the Maccabi Club Planning Committee for Baltimore.

Jordan: In addition to Maccabi, the JCC continued to play an important role in our lives. When we decided to go to different high schools, it would have been easy to grow apart. We had more homework, different extra-curricular activities and were making new friends. Suddenly, we didn’t see each other every day. But we would meet at the JCC to play basketball.

Jacob: We both joined the J’s Basketball League and it gave us a scheduled time to hang out while doing what we both loved to do best. The JCC was a place where Jordan and I could continue to hang out. It was a place where I could be involved with Jewish activities and Jewish people who shared my values. Not only did I get better at a sport, but I built relationships. What kept me coming back was seeing familiar faces.

Jordan: A big part of Judaism is community. At the JCC, you have many smaller Jewish communities coming together to make one large Jewish community. Whenever I walk in, I always feel at home.

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