Meet "Detour" Dave Sandler

“I’m not one who normally wants to ask for help, but going alone is too scary. There are organizations, like CHAI, who provide hope.”

I never expected I would be the one asking for help. But when I suffered health issues that impacted our family’s finances, we found ourselves not prepared. Suddenly, we could not pay the mortgage and were facing foreclosure on our home. The paperwork required to refinance was overwhelming – there was so much red tape – and I felt I was up against the world.

During this difficult period, I met with Jewish Community Services who reviewed my financial situation, offered help and suggested I reach out to CHAI. They knew that CHAI had a dedicated professional who helped homeowners facing foreclosure.

I scheduled an appointment with CHAI and the organization jumped through hoops to help us get our refinancing. There was just so much paperwork and so much red tape. It was impossible for someone without expertise to know what to do.

The process took a few years, and at one point, we became desperate when the mortgage company set a sell date for my house. But, thankfully, CHAI was able to secure a mortgage modification that enabled us to reduce our mortgage payments significantly and allowed us to remain in our home.

I’m not one who normally wants to ask for help. When you can’t pay a bill, the last thing you want to do is share it with outsiders. But going alone is too scary and sweeping it under the rug can land you in a worse situation.

A lot of people don’t realize that there are organizations like CHAI in our community. Their professionals are educated and have gone through these situations many times so they understand the issues. They can guide you in the proper direction and provide hope.

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