Meet the Casser Family

His blog, Dad Enough, started as a writing space, says T.J. Casser, a place where he could share the roller coaster of raising a child with autism.

“Too few dads talk about it and many dads and families do not know about available resources.”

One of the family’s main resources became the JCC, a welcome ally as T.J. and his wife Jocelyn organized activities for Ethan, now 8. Diagnosed when he was a preschooler, Ethan thrived first at the JCC’s preschool camp, Noah’s Ark, and is now an active camper in the inclusion program at J Camp. He attends a local school for children with special needs and the J’s School’s Out program during winter and spring breaks. Ethan also enjoys Sunday Funday, an activity program for children with special needs, including swimming, Ethan’s hands-down favorite activity.

“We love how welcoming everyone is and how they look out for him,” says T.J. “We feel like part of a large family. Everything is so much better than we thought it could be.” 

Excerpt from the blog, Dad Enough: They Get Him

“So,” said S., “he was making elephant noises today.”

“He does that, sometimes,” I said. Which he does, among other noises he makes when he’s a little upset.

“It was new for us,” she said, as if it was perfectly normal for a seven-year-old to be making sounds like a young, trumpeting elephant. And this is why I really like the JCC – no matter what happens (shy of the “Monster” biting or hitting someone), they just accept it and him, and life goes on.

And yes, he went back today and will again tomorrow. Likely elephant noises and all.

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