Meet Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher always put education at the top of her list when selecting what neighborhood would be best for her family.

It’s why she and her husband first moved to the Summit Park school district so her children could attend Pikesville public schools.

So when Beth learned that CHAI was spearheading the Pikesville Schools Coalition, an initiative to strengthen Pikesville schools, she recognized how valuable that was to her community.

“I’m thrilled that everyone who has an interest in our community is working together to ensure our schools continue to be first-rate,” says Beth, who attended Pikesville schools and graduated from Pikesville High in the 90s.

The Pikesville Schools Coalition is comprised of community groups, educators, parents, school leaders and individuals committed to the advancement of Pikesville area schools. Under the leadership of CHAI, the group promotes the innovative learning in Pikesville schools, advocates for programs that will positively impact students’ education, and emphasizes the importance of parent outreach. The impetus for the initiative began in 2014 when, at the bequest of The Associated, CHAI began looking at the challenges facing Pikesville. It soon became apparent that the best way CHAI could utilize its expertise and resources was by making an impact on the schools.

To learn more, Beth attended several Pikesville Schools Coalition meetings, touring Pikesville High and hearing from the principal. She learned more about the Coalition’s work to support the schools. And she participated in a break-out session to provide feedback and suggestions.

From those meetings, she realized how much the Coalition is working on behalf of the schools – from advocating for the high school renovation, supporting the PTAs and securing financial resources for new technology.

Her son even participated in the Pikesville Schools Coalition’s Pen Pal program which pairs fifth graders at two Pikesville elementary schools that feed into Pikesville Middle. The pair wrote several letters to one another, sharing information about themselves, and began to develop bonds before they entered their new middle school.

Through it all, Beth has seen the value of the Pikesville Schools Coalition.

“Schools are the anchor of the community,” says Beth. “If we invest in our schools, we are ensuring that our neighborhoods and our communities remain strong.”

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