JBIG (Jewish Baltimore Innovation Grants)


Get a little help to make BIG change in Baltimore.

Submit your ideas for fostering Jewish community and strengthening Jewish identity. JBIG is a microgrants initiative to help individuals and grassroots organizations in Baltimore City and Baltimore County seed, grow and act on new ideas. Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded.

Examples of projects previously funded by JBIG include:

The Baltimore Chesed League (BCL)
Encourages middle school boys (grades 5-8) to participate consistently in acts of chesed – kindness, volunteerism, and community service. Utilizing a “league” format, the boys are grouped into teams, and the teams receive weekly activity assignments. Furthermore, each participant is expected to identify additional “small” activities that he completes on his own.

Baltimore Jews on Bikes
Used seed funding from JBIG to build community around biking and environmental activism. The group met for Saturday evening bike rides that concluded with Havdallah. They also toured sites in Jewish Baltimore on Sunday mornings.

Medfield Tot Shabbat
A welcoming, non-denominational Shabbat community in Baltimore City. The group meets in founder Anna Caplan’s home where she and her husband share responsibility for leading the services, after which families can stay for kiddush and play-time. The JBig grant allowed them to purchase interactive educational materials and refreshments for kiddush. Last year they had between two and eight families attending the bi-weekly meetings, with kids ages 0-4 years old.

Applications are currently closed. If you have questions please contact Jennifer Noparstak at jnoparstak@associated.org or 410-369-9259.

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