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Meet Micah Damareck

Why did Micah Damareck get involved with The Associated? Well, it is simply because someone asked.

To do what, exactly? Join the Young Leadership Council (YLC), a leadership development program headed up by IMPACT, The Associated’s young adult division. Over the course of two years, the program gives its class the opportunity to gain leadership skills, learn more about Jewish Baltimore and, overall, connect with peers in a casual yet informative setting.

With YLC, Micah felt that he was not only able to network at a pivotal time in his career, but also had the ability to dive right in to all of the available opportunities in Jewish Baltimore. The program set him up to be successful – both with his work as well as with his volunteer life at The Associated.

Now, a proud parent to a son and a daughter, Micah is passing along what he’s learned about the importance of community to his children. It all started when his son looked outside and saw trash in the streets. “He turned to me and said, ‘I want to make the world a cleaner place,’” Micah explained.

So, Micah called Erica Bloom, assistant director at The Associated-funded Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC), to see what their options were. A couple of months later, Micah’s soon was leading his very own team project on Good Deeds Day, a national day of volunteering. Together, with other families, the Damarecks participated in a stream and park clean-up.

All in all, Micah has been a volunteer fundraiser for The Associated for more than 15 years. He describes himself as a “utility infielder” – going where he’s needed to make a difference, whether that’s making calls or serving on committees.

Now, Micah is enjoying volunteering on different aspects of The Associated system – by participating in the I-83 Task Force and figuring out how to engage Jews in the area, or by sitting on a committee for Jewish Community Services and evaluating the work done.

Overall, why does Micah keep coming back? Because, he tells us, with The Associated, “I feel like I can make an impact. My voice is heard.”

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