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Meet Amanda Levine

Teacher, mom, member of the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation and participant in The Associated’s Masters program.

What was something that you took away with you from the Masters program?

I was very impressed at the high-powered volunteers in the program and that I could be connected with these people. But more than anything else, I was impressed with the incredible breadth and reach of The Associated and the important work that it does every day – locally, nationally, even internationally. The local piece touches me the most. All politics start in the backyard. And how much work The Associated does with community is really inspiring.

You also did Dor Tikvah recently. What brought you to that program?

Well, at that point, my kids were a little bit older and I was ready for my personal life to go in a different direction. I wasn’t consumed with babies anymore, and so I had a little bit more time that I could carve out for something meaningful.

With Dor Tikvah, you observed the JCC board. Did you learn anything new about the JCC?

I love the JCC. I do, I love it because what they strive to do is work with people from every niche in every part of your health and your life – from the baby classes to the Gordon Center, to the preschool, to the pools. The programming gives families well-rounded lives, and I think it’s amazing. Our community is so diverse, and the programming is designed so that every single person can feel comfortable taking advantage of what we have.

Tell me a little bit about your family, and how Jewish Baltimore fits in with your family.

I’m married and I have three girls. We are so identified as Jews. This community reflects all of our values. Our kids go to Jewish day school, they go to Jewish camps, I work in a Jewish day school. It’s so easy to be Jewish when we have Jewish restaurants, we’ve got Jewish supermarkets, we’ve got kosher food everywhere you turn, and that makes it easy for us to stay who we are.

You moved to Baltimore from New York. What propelled you to get involved with The Associated?

My mother-in-law was very involved in her federation down in West Palm, and so she started me looking. And again, I was willing to do something else. I had my work life and I was really set and stable at work. I had my kids and they were on their way, they were becoming more independent, and so then I was ready for something else.

You’re a donor to the Associated. Why is giving back important to you?

The Associated programs are so immense, and the good that The Associated does for our community is inspiring. If I can support it with my time and support it with my finances, then that’s where I want to be.

You also joined the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation. What has that been like?

That’s been another inspiring journey. It’s this incredibly diverse group of professional women who come into the programs with knowledge. The level of discourse and discussion is so high and so serious during the meetings. It’s inspiring to see the people that we help with our donations.

One of the programs that did get funded was a camp for grieving children. It’s a one-week camp for girls who have lost somebody in their lives. These girls get to go and just be kids, while also getting the support that they need as they’re grieving. That probably touched me the greatest.

We also funded a group that goes into homes to help elderly people age in place, and just fix their homes. They fix the floors, they tack down the carpets, and they put up guardrails. It’s so simple, but there’s no other mechanism for these elderly people to be at home and they could be on waitlists forever. That’s my biggest take-away – if we can provide for the vulnerable in this way, I’m for it.

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