Parenting Resources for Engaging Your Kiddos

Trying to work from home while managing remote education and attempting to retain any sense of normalcy is a challenge. Remember, we are navigating this same challenge together and you need to do what is best for you and your family to get through these difficult times.

To help you, check out this list of resources (from A-Z) to use with your children when you (or they) need a break. 


123 Homeschool 4 Me
Over 4,000 pages of content including educational packets, activity worksheets, recipes, hands-on learning and more!

Adult Prep
Life Skills courses, ADHD and Executive Functioning coaching, and development coaching for pre-teens, teens and young adults – all from the comfort of your own home.

Amazing Space
Resources, homework help, and STEM projects. Explore the galaxy through space, light and more!

Brain Pop
Animated Educational material for all grades, in over 8 subjects! Get approved for free access for a limited time.

Center for Jewish Education
CJE educators have created a variety of materials and resources that you can download and use.

The self-proclaimed “amusement park of math and more”. Children can use games to help them learn anything from addition and subtraction, to multiplication and money. CoolMath is geared toward ages 13 and up, but it’s sister site is appropriate for ages 3 – 12. includes math games for preschoolers.

Educational games, books and videos separated by grade, with games for every subject! 

Great Minds
Knowledge building resources with a daily instructional video. Subjects include Language Arts, Math and Science and will be updated daily.

K5 Learning
Explore the thousands of free reading and math worksheets for parents to use with their kids. 

Khan Academy
Self-paced interactive content for students in every grade. They have even provided guided daily schedules for each age group.

Legends of Learning
Interactive educational games to practice Math and Science. Parents can create Teacher accounts and track their children’s progress.

Math Game Time
Games, worksheets, homework help and more separated by grade and lesson. Material is available for Pre-K-7. 

Math Playground
Math games for grades 1-6. Separated by grade and lesson for easy access. 

Mystery Science
Mini and full-length science lessons to assist parents with online learning. Full-length lessons include instructional videos.

NASA Kids Club
A game-based site to peak children’s interest in STEM by incorporating skill levels, national education standards, and NASA content.

National Geographic Kids
Learn about other countries, nature and more through animal videos, photos and games.

Where Earth-based education comes to you. Pearlstone has new content and do on your own projects available online.

PBS Kids
Sing-a-longs, stories, sorting and counting games and more through an educational lense.

PBS Learning
Interactives, lesson plans and more all curated by PBS.

Scholastic learn at home
Select your students’ grade, each day they will receive four new learning experiences centered around a video or story. 

Sesame Workshop
Videos, games, and art through an educational lens with your favorite Muppets! 

Smithsonian for Kids
Art, history, culture and more! Explore the Smithsonian through online activities and games curated for Kids and Teens.

Splash Learn
A personalized learning path with K-5 math curriculum so students don’t fall behind on this years materials. Interactive games with rewards help motivate students.

Study Island
Helps students master skills and stay on track. Built-in games and badges enrich the learning experience. Now offering one year free for new users. 

Explores the Wonders of Space. Inspired by the exhibit Jews in Space: Members of the Tribe in Orbit, we will dive into challenges about everything from ancient star patterns to famous firsts in space science, to the imaginings of writers and artists picturing a distant future. We’ll even be observing our own skies!

Wide Open School
Helps make learning from home an experience that inspires kids, supports teachers, relieves families and restores community.


Special Needs Resources

SHEMESH Homeschooling Hotline
Finding homeschooling challenging? SHEMESH is here to help. Speak to an expert educator and get practical advice about how to maintain your children’s skills and your sanity. Monday – Thursday, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
410-843-7589 |

Baltimore Jewish Abilities Alliance
The Jewish Abilities Alliance features information and resources on everything from advocating for a child with a learning disability to navigating the transition to adulthood. 


Activities and More!

San Francisco’s Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts boasts a website that allows kids to explore science and art in new ways, right from their homes. 

Disney Rides
Take your family on an adventure from the couch! check out these 10 Disney attractions from around the world. Many more can be found on YouTube.

Documentaries for Kids
A list of over 50 kid-friendly documentaries.

Learn a new language! 

Go Noodle
Inspires all kids to be active and mindful with a wide range of offerings that appeal to kids’ different ages, interests, skills, and abilities.

Highlights for Kids
Games, reading, crafts, and more! The children’s magazine beloved by many is now offered online.

Jewish Community Center
Our J buildings may be closed, but our J Team is hard at work creating virtual programming for preschoolers and all school-age children.

Jewish Museum of Maryland
Take your kids to visit the scrap yard exhibit virtually. Explore the last 250 years of history, technology and art. 

PJ Library
PJ Library has put together a great list of ideas for ways to stay busy and have fun at home. Also, don’t forget that one of the best ways to pass time with your little ones is to read PJ Library books!

Skype a Scientist
Sykpe/Zoom with many different scientists and learn about animals, the weather and so much more!

Answers to almost anything! Explore hundreds of topics to fuel young questioning minds. 

The Kidz Page
Puzzles, coloring pages, games and so much more. Visit over 5,000+ pages of activities.


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