Summer Camps In and Around Baltimore

Area Camps

BT Camps

410-517-3451 |

B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp

Office: 202-857-6663 | Summer: 570-635- 9200 |

Camp Airy/Camp Louise

410-466-9010 | Summer (Airy): 301-271-4636 | Summer (Louise): 301-241-3661 |

Camp Harlam – A URJ Camp

Office: 610-668-0423 | Summer: 570-629-1390 |

Camp Ramah-Poconos

Office: 215-885-8556 | Summer: 570-798-2504 |

Camp Shoresh

Office: 410-358-8571 | Summer: 301-874-8150 |

Capital Camps

Office: 866-430-2267 | Summer: 717-794-2177 |

Habonim Dror Camp Moshava

Office: 800-454-2205 or 301-348-7339 | Summer: 410-893-7006 or 410-893-7079 |

JCC Camps

410-559-3513 |

J Day Camp

410-559-3513 |



BT Camps Art Camp | MD

410-517-3451 |

JCC Habimah Arts Camp | MD

410-559-3513 |


Business & Entrepreneurship

Camp Inc. | CO

303-998-1900 ext. 117 |


Environmentalism & Sustainability

Eden Village Camp | NY

877-397-3336 |


Health & Wellness

Camp Zeke | PA

212-913-9783 |


Outdoor Adventures

BT Camps - Survival Camp | MD

410-517-3451 |

Adamah Adventures | GA

404-297-4914 |

Ramah Outdoor Adventure | CO

303-261-8214 |



BT Camps Varsity Sports Camp | MD

410-517-3451 |

BT Camps J.V. Sports Camp | MD

410-517-3451 |

JCC Maccabi Sports Camp | CA

415-997-8844 |

JCC Maccabi Sports Camp | MD

410-559-3583 |

JCC Tennis Camp | MD

410-559-3583 |

Karate Camp with Comprehensive Survival Arts | MD

410-559-3538 |

URJ 6 Points Sports Academy | NC

516-208-1650 |


Teen Programs

BBYO Summer Experiences

202-857-6633 |

Habonim Dror Machaneh Bonim Israel (MBI)

212-255-1796 |

JCC/BZD Teen Israel Experience | MD

410-484-4510 |

JCC Machon: Leadership Traiing Program | MD

410-559-3547 |

JCC TNT: Top Notch Teens | MD

410-559-3547 |

USY Summer Programs

212-533-7800 |



BT Camps Theater Camp | MD

410-517-3451 |

JCC Habimah Arts Camp | MD

410-559-3513 |



BT Camps Travel Camp | MD

410-559-3513 |

BT Camps Trip Camp | MD

410-559-3513 |


Special Needs

Camp Kaylie NY

Camp Kaylie is a fully integrated camp for kids of all abilities. An equal number of typical developing campers with no disabilities together with high functioning kids with developmental disabilities enjoy phe­nomenal programming, sports and activities (ages 10-16).

718-686-3261 | 845-888-5008 |

Camp KLAL at Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC MD

KLAL (Keep Living And Learning) is a camp focused on recreational and vocational activities. This new self-contained camp program is for young adults with learning, developmental, social, emotional, and physical disabilities. A Life Skills specialist will lead a communication program, and vocational training will teach campers practical lessons. The Program will also feature a camper run café for family members and JCC staff. (ages 16-24).

410-559-3576 |

J Camps Inclusion Program MD

This program is for children with developmental and physical dis­abilities. Campers are included in age-appropriate bunks with their non-disabled peers and campers are paired on 1:1 or 2:1 basis with specially-trained counselors. Campers participate along with the rest of their bunk in instructional and recreational swim and all regular camp activities (entering grades K-6th grade at day camp and entering grades 3rd – 8th for Visual Arts Camp).

410-559-3576 |

Camp Ramah in the Berkshires NY

Breira B’Ramah (“Choice in Ramah”), a four-week program designed for campers with ADHD and other related learning disabilities and social challenges (entering grades 4th-7th).

201-871-7262 | 845-832-6622 |

Camp Ramah in California CA

Tikvah, designed for Jewish adolescents, with learning, emotional, and developmental disabilities. The program consists of two 4-week ses­sions, (the first for children ages 11-15 and the second for adolescents ages 15 to 18.) Ezra, is a 7-week vocational training program for young adults that captures the passion and excitement of Camp Ramah (ages 18-22).

888-226-7726 | 805-646-4301 |

Camp Ramah in Canada

Camp Ramah in Canada offers a six-week Tikvah program for teens with developmental disabilities, (ages 12-18). In addition, the program includes a vocational education component for young adults ages (18-21).

416-789-2193 |

Camp Ramah in New England MA

Camp Ramah in New England offers an eight-week Tikvah Program serving teens (ages 13-18) with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, neurological impairments, and physical challenges. Tochnit HaAvodah is a vocation­al education program for young adults (ages 18-21) with participants living in a group home environment with two advisors.

781-702-5290 | 413-283-6661 |

Camp Ramah in Wisconsin WI

The Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin offers 4- and 8-week programs that provide a blend of individualized support and integra­tion into the regular camp program for (ages 13-18) with learning and social difficulties including Asperger’s Syndrome. Atzmayim, the Tikvah Vocational Program, is an 8-week program designed to strengthen so­cial and vocational skills for high school graduates (ages 18-22).

312-606-9316 ext. 221 | 715-479-4400 |

Capital Camps PA

Capital Camps Atzma’im (Independence) program is designed to pro­vide a meaningful immersive Jewish Camp experience for children with special needs. This fully-inclusive option mainstreams campers into traditional cabins where they receive additional staff support to en­sure their success. ADA compliant facility provides improved access for those with physical challenges (available to rising 3rd-10th graders).

866-430-2267 | 717-794-2177 |

URJ Camp Newman CA

Neshama at Camp Newman offers a fun, mainstream ‘camp within a camp’ experience for campers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ages 10 – 15).

415-392-7080 ext. 11 | 707-571-7657 |

URJ Eisner and Crane Lake Camp MA

Camp Chazak, a program at Eisner and Crane Lake Camps which offers a clinically based, therapeutic (and recreational) experience for campers with communication and social delays (ages 9-13).

201-722-0400 | Eisner: 413-528-1652 | Crane Lake: 413-232-4257 |

URJ Kutz Camp NY

Mitzvah Corps at Kutz Camp offers ‘camp within a camp’-style immer­sion that incorporates peer-to-peer mentorship into a broader, more mainstream camp experience for teens on the Autism Spectrum (ages 13 – 19).

212-650-4039 |

Round Lake Camp NJ

Round Lake Camp is a NJ-Y Camp for children with social communica­tion disorders including, but not limited to: Aspergers, PDD/NOS, high functioning Autism, ADHD. Campers live in self-contained bunks but are included in all camp activities throughout the day within Camp Nah Jee Wah and Cedar Lake Camp according to age (ages 7-18).

973-575-3333 ext. 145 | 570-926-8596 ext. 145 |

Boy with special needs gets educational assistance

Serving your needs is our privilege

We all have needs; we all face challenges and we all have dreams—large and small. From time to time, each of us needs the support of our community. When it is your turn, we will be here. For generations, The Associated has connected people with cultural, educational, financial, physical and restorative resources. Whatever your situation, help is available.

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