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What is Shabbat?

Shabbat is a period of rest starting just before sunset Friday night and lasting until three stars are visible in the sky on Saturday night. Like a re-set button, it is a time out from our busy week to focus on what is truly important- family, community and spiritual health. Shabbat is a time to focus on our connections to the people who matter most to us, allowing us pause the chaos around us and focus on things like family traditions, community, showing gratitude and meditating on what is truly important in your life.

Reclaiming Shabbat in Baltimore

We want to reclaim Shabbat. The inspiration to do so comes from Michael Steinhart’s article Shabbat is our Birthright. In launching this Shabbat initiative, we want to build community and connection to our roots and core values. This is not about fundraising- it is about reclaiming and revitalizing our heritage, about family and community.

Wherever you personally fall on the spectrum of Judaism, celebrating Shabbat by having Friday night dinner with others is a centerpiece of our cultural and religious heritage. All it takes is a candle-lit dinner with wine, family and friends, infused with the richness and beauty of our heritage. Our goal is to make it accessible to everyone.

Three ingredients are essential:

1) Lighting candles to bring light and hope into the darkness in our world,

2) Drinking wine to celebrate the joy of the moment and

3) Eating challah, breaking bread with others.

As simple as that formula is, these three practices allow us to celebrate our gratitude for all we are have, separate ourselves from work and all the mundane stress of daily life, and celebrate family, friendship and community. They allow us to connect with our families and friends, but also to Jews throughout the world, who are also sitting at their tables, saying the same prayers, and fostering peace for ourselves internally and the world at large.

For simplicity and/or novices, this site contains the basics. For those seeking a deeper experience, this site can provide new and interesting ideas. Whatever your intentions, we hope this site to be interactive and growing.

Interested in becoming a host or guest? Email Amanda Max or call 410-369-9220.

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