Additional Shabbat Prayers and Traditions

Nathan's Prayer

  • God grant me the capacity to let go of the business - the busy - mesoderm the world. To accept my life as a gift. To create the tenderness and understanding that allows my family to be close and living. To enjoy the light and warmth and not to be afraid of the darkness. To cherish those who love me. To settle into peace with joy. To emerge from Shabbat refershed and rededicated to making the world a better place. 


Blessings Over Children:

Birkat Hamazon (Blessing after the meal):

    • Hillel offers a bencher with English, Hebrew and transliteration.
    • has the Hebrew version of Sephardic Birkat Hamazon; however, there is no translation.
    • Chabad offers a transliteration and translation along with audio
    • offers a print-out, audio, explanation and text. 



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