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Uniting Jewish Baltimore in a common goal

The Associated is Jewish philanthropy in Baltimore. The agencies and programs we support provide care for our most vulnerable, invest in our youth, enrich the quality of our Jewish life and deepen our sense of global peoplehood. We plan, provide and coordinate their funding, infrastructure and administration — enabling them to focus on serving.


Without this support, many of these would simply cease to exist.

Our Annual Campaign brings together the community to accomplish this very important mission. Each year, with the help of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of generous donors, we raise approximately $30 million of the more than $45 million we disperse. From personal philanthropic services and building community to developing leaders and planning for the next generation, we strive to do the most good for the greatest number of people possible.

Father and mother with two kids

Support Community Needs

We gather, plan for and allocate the community’s financial resources to meet the varied and dynamic needs of Jews in Baltimore and around the world. Together, we enable more than 25 agencies and programs to care for the vulnerable, invest in youth, deepen Jewish life and develop global peoplehood most efficiently and effectively

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Build Local Community

We are people of all ages and backgrounds strengthening, supporting and learning from one another on our individual and collective Jewish journey. Each of us has a role to play.

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Plan & Allocate Resources

Our integrated and data-driven community planning and allocation process ensures we are building tomorrow on a solid foundation and providing the resources necessary to do the most good for the most people today.

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Strengthen Global Community

Nurturing Jewish identity and caring for at-risk Jewish populations around the world is a core value of The Associated. The needs of the vulnerable Jew in Israel or Ukraine are the needs of the vulnerable Jew in Baltimore. Our work strengthens the ties that make us one people.

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