Birthright Israel Alumni

Extend your journey to Israel at home

We believe that the experience of a trip to Israel is a building block of Jewish identity. Birthright Israel creates bonds with the land and people of Israel by funding 10-day trips to Israel for young adults in Baltimore. Those of you who have been there know the impact of those 10 days can last a lifetime. We hope that your trip to Israel was just the beginning of a journey of exploring your connection to Israel.

Mark Edelson endorses Beyond Birthright

“When you’re on a Birthright trip, it sort of gives you the tip-of-the-iceberg understanding of what Israel really is about.” – Mark Edelson



Harness your passion for the Jewish state and use your global connections and experience to get involved locally. Beyond Birthright offers alumni ways to connect through Happy Hours, intimate Shabbat dinners and other meaningful Jewish experiences. We also encourage alumni to invest and grow their passion for Israel through the events and opportunities of the Baltimore Israel Coalition — a consortium of local organizations, working to support Israel through education, advocacy and community-building.

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